Friday, January 25, 2008

REAL[ITY] CHECK - 1/25/2008

So I'm a complete reality show junkie, so each week I'll be summing up what I believe to be the most outstanding/craziest/rock-bottom moments in reality shows for the week and posting them on my friend's blog The Media Artist. For now, I'll also be posting them here.

So here they are:

  • This week on Project Runway, their challenge was to "create an iconic look that captures the spirit of the 501 legacy (I wonder how long they agonized over this sentence before finalizing it)". Here's my beef: Rami made a skirt and top out of dark denim with zippers as accent seams (See right). The judges fawned over how "innovative" the zippers as seams were. They would have been innovative if Jeffrey, the winner of last season hadn't done the same thing, only better:

  • The best part of the premiere of The Millionaire Matchmaker came during the never-before-seen-footage of The Real Housewives of Orange County during a commercial break, in which Vicki, one of the housewives, says that her doctor had run a test on her and it came back that she had as much testosterone as the average man. If you've ever watched the show, you won't be surprised to learn this.
  • On the premiere of The Gauntlet III, CT says that he is going to "make it a point to lay a little lower". He accomplishes this by getting in the face of quite possibly the most notorious contestant in Challenge history, Coral, and causing problems in his relationship... all in the first night. And apparently Crazypants Brooke is a lesbian now? Crazy. Pants.
  • And on Make Me A Supermodel, it's business as usual: All S&M, All the Time.
  • This remix of Tanisha from The Bad Girls' Club's freak out is better than half of the stuff on the radio (See here).
  • Only a Matter of Time: A dating show called The Drew Peterson Dating Game was pitched to an Illinois radio station by the lawyer of the police sergeant suspected of killing his wife, and who is also being investigated for his previous wife's suspicious death (Story). The radio station didn't bite, but I know there's some sleazeball exec pushing hardcore for this to be the new show in VH1's dating show lineup. 25 to Life of Love anyone?