Sunday, January 20, 2008

Packers Fever

In honor of my family of Packers fans being in town and the playoff game today, I've decided to share some of the more interesting stories I've heard this week:

  • A guy selling his house hasn't gotten any bites so, in order to sweeten the pot, he's throwing in a pair of 2008 season tickets on the 40-yard-line (Story). Since there are 57,000 names on the wait list to get tickets, I'm guessing the house is going to go quick (Story).
  • The Fox affiliate in Green Bay is pulling the Saturday afternoon airing of Seinfeld because the Giants quarterback, Eli Manning, likes to watch the show before he plays. Awesome. (Story).
  • A 7-year-old refused to wear his Green Bay Packers jersey at one of the games, so his dad taped it to him and tied him to a chair. The Packers went on to win the game (Story).
  • A man from Australia quit his job, picked up everything and moved his family to Green Bay to follow the 2007 season (Story).
  • And finally, the Lord's Prayer has been adapted (and improved) for Packers fans (Story):
Our Favre,
Who art in Lambeau,
Hallowed be thine arm.
Thy bowl will come,
It will be won.
In Phoenix as it is in Lambeau.
And give us this Sunday,
Our weekly win.
And give us many touchdown passes.
But do not let others pass against us.
Lead us not into frustration,
But deliver us to the valley of the sun.
For thine is the MVP, the best of the NFC, and the glory of the Cheeseheads, now and forever.
Go get 'em. AMEN!